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Prices are for copies in Like New to New condition (stock copies; some may have slight storage wear, no other damage). Prices for used copies that are worn, torn or have address stickers or imprints  are listed in parentheses. Copies from the 1970s may have rusted staples. Issues #1 through #56 were published in Chicago; issues #57 to date published by the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi.


NA = not available


Issue No., Year, Contents

1 (1970) This a 2004 reprint of the first issue (Spring 1970). All other issues are the original printings. 


1 (1970/2004) Cover feature: Howlin' Wolf (interview). Other features: Remembering Magic Sam; The Blues and the Church: Revolt and Resignation by Paul Garon; Uncle Sam Gonna Take Me Away: The Draft in Blues Lyrics. Plus reviews, news and ads (Chess, Imperial, Biograph, Delmark and Avalon Productions). 40 pages.    $12.95  

2 (1970) Buddy Guy, Lonnie Johnson (by Brownie McGhee), Robert Pete Williams, Wisconsin fest  (small area of corner damage $15.95)    

3 (1970) Detroit Blues, Bobo Jenkins, Sam Myers, Erwin Helfer, Teddy Darby, Blues & Reefers                        $12.95                                                                    

4 (1970-71) Bobby Bland, Hound Dog Taylor, Honeyboy Edwards, Bobo Jenkins, Blues Piano                            NA                                                                                          

5 (1971) Lowell Fulson Pt 1, Robert Johnson drawings, Skip James, Pepper's Lounge, King Biscuit                   NA                                                                          

6 (1971) Snooky Pryor, Cadillac Baby, Lowell Fulson Pt 2, African Influence & The Blues                                      $15.95                                                                                    

7 (1971-72) Little Walter-Louis Myers int., Frank Frost, Peetie Wheatstraw, Jr Parker, Koko Taylor                     NA                                                                                          

8 (1972) Jimmy Dawkins, Harmonica Frank,  Gary Davis, Matt Murphy, Big Ike Darby, Jim Bracken                  NA                                                                                          

9 (1972) Eddy Clearwater, Roosevelt Sykes, Atomic-H, Fred McDowell, Guitar Pete Franklin                              $15.95                                                                                    

10 (1972) Big Joe Turner, Africa & Blues, Shakey Jake, Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz estival, Chick Willis                NA                                                                                          

11 (1972-73) T-Bone Walker Interview Pt 1, Willie Nix, Chicago Blues Club Guide, Joe Willie Wilkins                   NA                                                                                          

12 (1973) Robert Lockwood, T-Bone Walker pt 2, Chicago Blues Labels, Johnnie Jones, Johnny Mars              NA                                                                                          

13 (1973) Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Papa Lightfoot, Louisiana Record Labels, Magic Sam                       NA                                                                                          

14 (1973) Jimmy Rogers, Luther Allison, Phillip Walker, Peg Leg Howell, Memphis Minnie, Ann Arbor            $15.95                                                                                    

15 (1973) Albert Collins, Louisiana Red, Robert Jeffery, Mr. Bo, Regal Theater, KC Douglas                                 NA                                                                          

16 (1974) Jody Williams, Arthur Crudup, Al Smith, Dave Alexander, Larry Johnson, Blind Blake Higgs             NA                                                                                          

17 (1974) Little Esther Phillips, Houston Stackhouse, Johnny Young, Theresa's Lounge, Little Beaver             $15.95                                                                                    

18 (1974) Little Milton, John Lee, Charles Walker, Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival, Hacksaw Harney              NA                                                                                          

19 (1974) Sleepy John Estes, Memphis Minnie 1943, Tommy Tucker, Cousin Joe, Easy Baby session             $15.95                                                                                    

20 (1975) Thomas A. Dorsey, Little Johnny Taylor, Louis Jordan, Mack Simmons, Jesse Fuller                           NA                                                                                          

21 (1975) Jimmy Reed Interview, DeFord Bailey, T-Bone Walker, Rubin Lacy, Bay Area Blues Clubs                NA                                                                                          

22 (1975) Johnny Shines, Luther Huff, Billy Branch/New Generation Chi., Maxwell St, LC Robinson                    NA                                                                                          

23 (1975) Floyd Dixon, Ironing Board Sam, Johnny B Moore/New Generation, Johnny Shines Pt 2                    $15.95                                                                                    

24 (1975) Latimore Interview, Cal Green, Arbee Stidham, JB Long, Work Lyrics, KC Douglas                             $12.95

25 (1976) Ted Taylor, Surrealism & Blues, Howlin' Wolf, Hound Dog Taylor, Jesse Fuller, Jas. Kinds                $15.95

26 (1976) Professor Longhair, Andrew Brown, Harmon Ray, Buster Brown, Mance Lipscomb                           (minor cover wear, seam split $15.95)

27 (1976) Charles Brown, Roy Ames/Houston Blues, Apollo Theater, Tarter & Gay, Freddie Dixon                   $15.95      

28 (1976) Otis Rush interview, Roy Ames' Houston Blues Chronicle Part 2, Lil' Son Jackson                              $15.95 (addressed, cover wear $12.95)                

29 (1976) Rufus Thomas, Wade Walton, JB Long, Jimmy Reed, Victoria Spivey, Willie Dixon column              (cover torn, partial spine split $12.95)  

30 (1976) J.B. Hutto, Chess/All Platinum, Lead Belly, St. Louis Blues, Willie Dixon, Blind Joe Hill                     $9.95 (cover stained, torn $7.95)

31 (1977) Son House interview, Freddie King, Willie Dixon, Floyd Council, Willie Trice, Boogie Jake                    NA                                                                                          

32 (1977) Arkansas Blues, Larry Davis, CeDell Davis, Champion Jack Dupree, Ted Taylor, Bukka White         (addressed $12.95)                

33 (1977) Jimmy Witherspoon, Sleepy John Estes, Willie Dixon colun, Baby Boy Warren, Lee Jackson             $12.95 (addressed $11.95, cover stained $9.95)

34 (1977) Bob Geddins, Willie Dixon column, Judge Riley, George Barnes, Ethel Waters, Lee Jackson pt2       (cover stained $12.95)

35 (1977) Fats Domino, Eddie Boyd interview, Dave Bartholomew, Alex Moore, Driftin' Slim, Jim Wynn             $15.95 (addressed  $14.95)

36 (1977) New Generation Of Chicago Blues in Berlin, Eddie Boyd Pt 2, St Louis Jimmy,  Willie Dixon                 $7.95

37 (1978) Big & Little Smokey Smothers, John Jackson, Roy Gaines, Eddie Boyd pt 3, Teaching the Blues     NA                                                                                          

38 (1978) Earl King int pt 1, Cincinnati Blues History, Juke Boy Bonner, Sunnyland Charles, Quinn Wilson      $15.95                                                                                    

39 (1978) Bobby Bland, Earl King pt 2, Al Benson, Blues Booking Guide: Agents, Managers, Perfomers           NA                                                                                          

40 (1978) Index to LB 1-24, reprints of Little Walter, Albert Collins, Joe Willie Wilkins, Frank Frost                       NA                                                                                          

41 (1978) Sonny Rhodes, Willie Dixon, Jimmie Bell, Blues Booking Guide, Blues Festival en Mexico                (addressed, small seam split $12.95)   

42 (1979) Mojo Buford, Joe Willie Wilkins, Sonny Rhodes pt 2, Blues Club Guide, Sonny Rodgers               $12.95 (addressed $11.95, cover torn $9.95)     

43 (1979) Willie Nix, Eugene Powell, Carl Martin, Joe Beard, Sidney Blue, Robert McCoy, Roy Montrell          $7.95 (cover wrinkled $6.95; cover wrinkled, stained $5.95)

44 (1979) John Lee Hooker, Lucille Bogan, Blue Smitty, Gus Cannon, Blues Radio Guide, Elmore Morris         NA                                                                                          

45/46 (1980) Billy The Kid Emerson, Jackie Brenston, Boyd Gilmore, J. Mayo Williams, Amos Milburn            $12.95 (addressed $11.95;  cover wrinkled $9.95)     

47 (1980) Jimmy Johnson, Johnny Heartsman, Arvella Gray, Uncle Homer Walker, Pat Hare, Boy Blue          $7.95       

48 (1980) Record Review Issue, Blues Radio Guide, Willie Guy Rainey, itineraries, blues news                        $5.95 (addressed $4.95)                        

49 (1980-81) Rosco Gordon. Willie Dixon column, 1st Handy Awards, Johnnie Morisette, OV Wright      $7.95 ( addressed, cover torn $5.95, torn; wrinkled $5.95)

50 (1981) Percy Mayfield, Tampa Red, Robt Pete Williams, Garfield Akers, Joe Callicott,  Hot Shot Love        $7.95                                                                                      

51 (1981) Kentucky Blues, Louisville jug bands, Chick Willis, B.B. King at Parchman, Delta Fish Market           (addressed $7.95)                  

52 (1982) Johnny Copeland,  Kentucky Bls, Sylvester Weaver, Walter Horton, Helen Humes, Roy Brown         $9.95                      

53 (1982) Z.Z. Hill, Robert Johnson (Peter Guralnick), Lightnin' Hopkins, Tommy Tucker, DeFord Bailey          $9.95 (addressed $8.95)        

54 (1982) Etta James, Bobby Robinson/Elmore James, Paul Oliver, Polka Dot Slim, Jerry McCain letter         $7.95                                                                                      

55 (1982-83) Big Bill Broonzy, Yannick Bruynoghe's 1950s Chicago blues photos of Wolf, Muddy & more    $12.95 (cover wrinkled, worn $9.95)        

56 (1983) Pee Wee Crayton, Cincinnati Blues, Lazy Bill Lucas, Sam Chatmon, John Lee Granderson              $7.95 (water-damaged, wrinkled, stained, worn $3.95)           

57 (1983) Delta Blues Fest bios, Muddy Waters, Big Joe Williams, Houston Stackhouse, Sam Chatmon          $7.95                      

58 (1983) Floyd Jones pt 1, George Harmonica Smith, Larry Darnell, Bobby King, WC Handy Awards               $7.95                                                                                      

59 (1984) Floyd Jones pt 2,  Z.Z. Hill, Jimmy Nolen, Tiny Powell, Andrew McMahon, Alexis Korner                       $9.95

60/61 (1984) Record Review Issue, Percy Mayfield, Count Basie, Big Mama Thornton, Jimmy Liggins               $5.95 (cover worn $4.95)      

62 (1984) Jimmy McCracklin, Oakland, Harmonica Frank Floyd, Hammie Nixon, 1st Chicago Blues Fest          $7.95 (addressed $6.95)                        

63 (1985) East Coast Bls, Cephas & Wiggins, John Jackson, Archie Edwards, Big Chief Ellis, Bobo Jenkins   $7.95                                                      

64 (1985) Muddy Waters interview, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Johnny Littlejohn, Alberta Hunter, Viola Wells           $19.95 (addressed $17.95; minor cover wear $17.95)   

65 (1985) Blues Radio Guide, Pervis Spann interview (WVON, Chicago), Jack L Cooper (first black DJ)             (addressed $7.95; price sticker on cover $7.95)                     

66 (1985) Record Review Issue, Crossroads movie photos, Playboy Venson, Robert Shaw, Eddie Lang           NA                                                                                          

67 (1986) Lillian McMurry interview (Trumpet Records), Piano Red, Pee Wee Crayton, Willie Mabon                  NA                                                                                          

68 (1986) BB King interview, Andrew Brown, Lloyd Glenn, LC Green, the 2 Guitar Gables, Blues Archive        $5.95 (minor cover wear $4.95)

69 (1986) H-Bomb Ferguson, Doc Pomus on Big Joe Turner, Robert Johnson, McKinley Mitchell                      $7.95 (addressed $5.95; cover & spine worn, creased $4.95)

70 (1986) Fenton Robinson, John R. of WLAC, Blues in South Africa, Chicago Blues Report, Sonny Terry       $9.95 (addressed $8.95)        

71 (1986) 1st King Biscuit Blues Festival program supplement/bios, KFFA radio, Fenton Robinson pt 2           NA                                                                                          

72 (1986) Guitar Slim, Huey "Piano" Smith, Eddie Taylor, Clarence Garlow, Monk Higgins, Handys                    $9.95 (minor over wear $8.95; addressed, cover damaged $7.95)

73 (1987) Robert Cray interview pt 1, Antone's, Son Thomas, Delta Blues Fest, Chicago Guide, Handys          $7.95 (cover worn $5.95)                      

74 (1987) Katie Webster, Magic Sam, Mississippi John Hurt, Robert Cray Pt 2, Middle Walter, Chicago            $7.95                                                                                      

75 (1987) Big Daddy Kinsey, Katie Webster pt 2, Chunky R&B Festival bios: B.B. Coleman, Lonnie Mack)      (addressed $7.95; price sticker, minor wear $6.95)

76 (1987) James Cotton interview, Blues Had a Baby (rock cover versions), Chicago/Mississippi editorial      NA                                                                                          

77 (1987) Bo Diddley, Mercy Dee Walton, Ray "Killer" Allison, New Orleans segregation laws & music            $9.95                                                                                      

78 (1987) Record Review Index (all LPs & 45s, LB 1-77), Long Gone Miles, Sonny Lane, Blues LP Covers       (cover worn, creased $7.95)                  

79 (1988) Yank Rachell, Wild Women Don't Have the Blues, Clifton Chenier, Ted Taylor, Robert Garrett           $7.95      

80 (1988) BB King interview, Los Angeles blues scene, Wild Women Don't Have Blues pt2, Memphis Slim      NA                                                                                          

81 (1988) Willie Dixon interview pt 1, Wild Women Don't Have the Blues pt 3, Lead Belly, Baby Doo                    (cover worn $9.95)                

82 (1988)  Early Wright (Clarksdale DJ), Willie Dixon pt 2, Cleanhead Vinson, Jerome Owens, Jim Brewer      $9.95 (addressed $8.95)        

83 (1988) Johnny Copeland, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Alex Moore, Al Braggs, Fred Below, Evelyn Johnson      $9.95 (addressed $8.95)          

84 (1989) Bobby Rush interview, Malaco Records, Son House, WC Handy Awards, Mance Lipscomb               $9.95                                                                                      

85 (1989) Sam Myers interview, Candy Green, Mr Jelly Belly, Ladies Choice Band, Buddy Folks, Bill Harris    NA                                                                                          

86 (1989) Gatemouth Moore, Blues & the Church, Flora Molton, Black Swan Records, Rev. Gary Davis           (addressed $9.95)                  

87 (1989) Joe Louis Walker, Hip Linkchain, Tiny Grimes, Ike Darby, Willie Williams, Odie Payne, Dr Jo Jo        (addressed $9.95)                  

88 (1989) Hubert Sumlin, Chess Records part 1, Good Rockin' Charles, Ali Farka Toure                                       (addressed $12.95)                

89 (1989) Zuzu Bollin, Chess pt 2, Sonny Boy Williamson I, Charlie Booker, Sonny Thompson, Bull Moose      (addressed $11.95)                

90 (1989) Elders & New Generation, Sunnyland Slim, Johnny Shines, Vasti Jackson, Guitar Slim Jr, Lil' Ed     (addressed $12.95)                

91 (1990) Tabby Thomas, Kenny Neal, Raful Neal, Chris Thomas, Troy Turner, Baton Rouge Blues                  $12.95 (addressed  $11.95)   

92 (1990) Ruth Brown, Houston R&B photos, United/States Records pt 1, Joe Houston, Bobby Parker            (addressed $9.95)                  

93 (1990) Jeannie Cheatham, Witherspoon, McShann, Big Jay McNeely, Basie, United & States labels 2        (addressed, cover creased $9.95)         

94 (1990) Death of Robert Johnson, alleged burial & crossroads sites: Stevie Ray Vaughan, L. Pitchford        $12.95 (addressed  $11.95)   

95 (1990) Lil' Ed Williams, Guitar Shorty, Vaan Shaw, Sam Lawhorn, Zuzu Bollin, United & States pt 3                (addressed $12.95)                

96 (1991) Blues drums, Fred Below, Odie Payne, Casey Jones, Sam Carr, Sam Lay, Francis Clay, SP Leary       $12.95 (addressed  $11.95)

97 (1991) Pinetop Perkins, Johnnie Johnson, Jack Dupree, Byther Smith, DJ Sonny Payne, Mose Vinson            (addressed $12.95)                               

98 (1991) Zydeco, Rockin' Dopsie, Chubby Carrier, CJ Chenier, Boozoo Chavis, Paul Gayten, Willie Dixon         $12.95 (addressed  $11.95)   

99 (1991) Blues Harp history, Dr. Ross, Muddy Waters' Harp Players, Willie Smith, Bob Margolin   (addressed, small tear on back $12.95)                

100 (1991) Mississippi Blues issue, Booba Barnes, Jr Kimbrough, Big Jack Johnson, Fife & Drum Bands          $12.95 (minor wear $11.95; addressed $11.95)                   

101 (1992) Denise LaSalle, Doc Pomus on Andrew Tibbs, Albert Macon, Willie Nix, Cadillac Baby, KC Red      $7.95 (addressed $6.95)

102 (1992) Sonny Rhodes interview, Holmes Brothers, Johnny B. Moore, Texas DJ Tommy Lee Griffin            $7.95 (addressed $6.95)                                      

103 (1992) Cash McCall, Bentonia Blues pt 1: Skip James, Tribute to Willie Dixon, Champion Jack Dupree      $7.95 (addressed $6.95)                        

104 (1992) Drink Small,  Slide Guitar pt 1, Bentonia Blues pt 2, Honeyboy Edwards/Tommy McClennan             $7.95 (addressed $6.95)                        

105 (1992) Tyrone Davis, Big Moose Walker, Slide Guitar pt 2, Tribute to Johnny Shines, Left Hand Frank          $7.95 (addressed $6.95)                        

106 (1992) Robert Ward, Big Mama Thornton, Phila. Jerry Ricks, Willie Foster, Boogie Woogie Red                      $7.95                                                      

107 (1993) Gatemouth Brown, Lester Davenport, North Carolina Blues Pt 1, Etta Baker,  John D Holeman        $7.95                                                                      

108 (1993) Willie Kent, Jimmy Dawkins, N.C. Blues Pt 2, Traveling Minstrel Shows, Tribute to Albert King         $7.95 (addressed $6.95)                           

109 (1993) Big Bad Smitty, Sir Mack Rice, John William Hurt, Wayne Bennett, John Weston, tent shows           $7.95      

110 (1993) Koko Taylor, Lovie Lee, Vance Kelly, LV Banks, Helena Arkansas historic photos (Ivey Gladin)     $9.95                                                                                      

111 (1993) Eddie Kirkland, Blues Boy Willie, Son Thomas, No More Maxwell St.?, Dr Ross, Luther Tucker       $7.95 (cover worn $6.95)                      

112 (1993) Buddy Guy, Little Smokey Smothers, Lefty Dizz, Bob Koester photos, Big Smokey Smothers        $9.95                                                                                      

113 (1994) Jerry McCain, Billy Boy Arnold, Neal Pattman, Albert Collins, Billy Gayles, Thomas A. Dorsey       $7.95                                                                                      

114 (1994) Little Milton, Sacramento Blues Pt 1, Albert Collins, BluEsoterica, Buddy Scott, Jack Reynolds     $7.95                                                                                      

115 (1994) Lowell Fulson, Wild Jimmy Spruill, Monroe Moe Jackson, Silas Hogan, Omar Sharriff, Creach      $7.95                                                                                       

116 (1994) Long John Hunter, Carol Fran, Clarence Hollimon, Vernon Garrett, Dr Hepcat, Highway 61            $7.95                                                                                      

117 (1994) R.L. Burnside, Fruteland Jackson, Buster Benton, Brewer Phillips, Larry Davis, Tail Dragger        $7.95                                                                                      

118 (1994) Charles Brown, John Brim, Hadda Brooks, Johnny Heartsman, Skip James, John Delafose          $7.95                                                                      

119 (1995) Junior Wells interview, Brewer Phillips pt 2, Bonnie Lee, Louis Myers, Eddie Boyd, Lee Allen         $7.95                                                                                      

120 (1995) Michael Hill, Larry McCray, Lonnie Shields, Billy Branch, Vasti Jackson, Deborah Coleman           $7.95                                                                                      

121 (1995) Robert Lockwood interview, Sunnyland Slim, Henry Qualls, Lee Shot Williams, 5-4 Ballroom         $7.95                                                                                      

122 (1995) Lynn White, Syl Johnson, Mighty Sam, Dorothy Moore, Soul Blues, Lonesome Sundown                 $7.95                                                                                      

123 (1995) Snooky Pryor int., Aron Burton, Floyd McDaniel, Tre Hardiman, Mary Lane, Eddie Hinton               $7.95                                                                                      

124 (1995) A.C. Reed, Eddie Shaw, Willie Johnson, Jody Williams, Dave Clark, Memphis Minnie, Mr. Bo         $7.95                                                                                      

125 (1996) Luther Allison interview, Magic Sam, Lavelle White, James Peterson, Memphis Minnie                    $7.95                                                                                      

126 (1996) Corey Harris, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Archie Edwards, Saunders King, Pete Welding, Benton       $7.95                                                                      

127 (1996) Eddy Clearwater, Brownie McGhee, Rev. Robert Wilkins, Uncle Johnny Williams, Piano C Red     $7.95                                                                                      

128 (1996) Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint, Snooks Eaglin, Mem Shannon, Johnny Guitar Watson, JD Miller   NA                                                                                       

129 (1996) Satan & Adam, Big Al Dupree, RL Griffin, Ernie Johnson, Detroit Junior, Midnight Cowboy             $7.95                                                                                      

130 (1996) Smokey Wilson, Lacy Gibson, Little Bobby Neely, Jessie Hill, Grey Ghost, Otha Turner, Zydeco   $7.95                                                                                        

131 (1997) Houston: Walter Price, Phillip Walker, Trudy Lynn, Clarence Green, Texas Johnny Brown               $7.95                                                                                      

132 (1997) Mississippi: Big Jack Johnson, Super Chikan, Robert Walker, Paul Wine Jones, Booba Barnes     $7.95                                                                                      

133 (1997) John Lee Hooker, J.J. Malone, Deitra Farr, Rockie Charles, LaVern Baker, Richard Berry               $7.95                                                                                      

134 (1997) Marvin Sease, Lost American Bluesmen, Big Mojo Elem, Ralph Bass, Mrs . Z. L. Hill (Riverside)   $7.95                                                                                      

135 (1997) Jimmy Rogers, Ann Peebles, Carl Weathersby, Bumble Bee Slim, Johnny Copeland, Lovie Lee    $7.95                                                                                      

136 (1997) Magic Slim, Peggy Scott-Adams, Elga Edmonds, Luther Allison, Jimmy Witherspoon, B. Gaddy     $7.95                                                                                      

137 (1998) Music Maker, Little Pink Anderson, Frank Edwards, Cootie Stark, Jack Owens, Andre Williams     $7.95                                                                                      

138 (1998) Boozoo Chavis, Lonnie Brooks, Teddy Reynolds, Jr Wells, Jimmy Rogers, Fenton Robinson          $7.95                                                                                      

139 (1998) Billy Branch, Fresno Blues, Bobby Patterson, D.C. & Selby Minner, Jr Wells, Jr Kimbrough             $7.95                      

140 (1998) Houston Blues, Joe Hughes, Calvin Owens, Conrad Johnson, Henry Hayes, Zydeco Beat                 $7.95

141 (1998) Walter Wolfman Washington, Freddie Roulette, Sacred Steel Guitar, Lew Chudd, Red Tyler               $3.95

142 (1998) Otis Rush, Dave Myers, Luther "Guitar Jr" Johnson, Johnny Adams, Golden Wheeler                         $5.95

143 (1999) Larry Garner, Sandra Hall, Arthur Adams, Jimmy T-99 Nelson, Robert Johnson Estate Case           $3.95

144 (1999) Othar Turner, Abu Talib, Easy Baby, Eddie Snow, Charles Brown, Albert Washington                          $9.95

145 (1999) Cephas & Wiggins, Larry Johnson, Guy Davis, Lowell Fulson, Lonnie Pitchford, Lil. McMurry            $7.95

146 (1999) Johnnie Bassett, Mable John, Mighty Joe Young, Peppermint Harris, Joe Williams, J. Sellers            $5.95

147 (1999) Lloyd Price: Mr. Personality, Chick Willis: Stoop Down, Eb Davis, Bob Kirkpatrick (Dallas)                 $7.95

148 (1999) Deborah Coleman, Roy Gaines, Barbara Lynn, Katie Webster, Grace Brim, Brewer Phillips              $3.95

149 (2000) Kansas City blues, Jay McShann, Claude Williams, Little Hatch, Roy Searcy, Sonny Kenner            $7.95

150 (2000) Taj Mahal, Robt Johnson, Jay McShann Pt 2, Frank Frost, Big Moose Walker, Sugarcane                  $3.95

151 (2000) Joe Louis Walker, Gene Barge, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, King Ernest, Wade Walton                            $3.95                                                      

152 (2000) Sherman Robertson, James Armstrong, Rev. J.M. Gates, Jr Kimbrough Juke Joint Photos             $3.95                                                                                      

153 (2000) Son Seals, Ernie K-Doe, Johnnie Taylor, Eddie Cotton, Living Blues' First Issue                                   $5.95                                                                      

154 (2000) Willie Cobbs, Willie King, Mel Brown, Mickey Baker, Saunders King,  Johnny Morisette                     $5.95                                                                                      

155 (2001) Shemekia Copeland, Toni Lynn Washington, Don Covay, Earl Hooker                                                      $5.95                                                                      

156 (2001) Eddie & Jimmy Bums, Glenn Faulkner, One String Guitars, Little Mack Simmons, James Carr       $5.95                                                                                      

157 (2001) Rudy Ray Moore, Corey Harris, Boubacar Traore, King Alex, Lee Morris                                               $5.95                                                                      

158 (2001) Henry Gray, Josh White, Bob Stroger, Big Daddy Kinsey, Willie Foster                                                   $5.95                                                                                      

159 (2001) Otis Clay, John Lee Hooker, Deacon John, Ernie K-Doe, Betty Everett, Boozoo Chavis                     $5.95                                                                                      

160 (2001) Detroit Blues, Alberta Adams, Harmonica Shah, Joe Weaver, Napolian Strickland                             $5.95                                                                                      

161 (2002) Jody Williams, Pinetop Perkins, Little Willie Littlefield, Andre Williams                                                     $5.95                                                                                      

162 (2002) Johnny Rawls, Elmore James, Michael Burks, Quiet Knight, Big Pete Pearson                                     $4.95                                                                                   

163 (2002) Lazy Lester, Eric Bibb, John Jackson, "Jody" songs, Terry Harmonica Bean, Rufus Thomas          $5.95

164 (2002) Henry Townsend, Little Walter, Griswold Bros, Big Al Carson, S.F. Blues Fest retrospective            $5.95

165 (2002) Artie White, Zora Young, Townsend Pt 2, Kirk "Eli" Fletcher, Christine Kittrell, Jimmie Lee                $5.95                                                                 

166 (2002) Roy Roberts, CeDell Davis, Mr. Wiggles, Little Willie Foster, Rosco Gordon, Little Johnny Taylor     $7.95

167 (2003) Blues Harp, Texas Johnny Brown, Priscilla Price, Bernard Allison, Little Hatch, Hadda Brooks        $5.95

168 (2003) Chris Thomas King, Leroy Carr, Alan Lomax, Otha Turner, Napolian Strickland, Jr. Boy Jones         $3.95      

169 (2003) Robert Randolph, Son House, Earl King, Howard Armstrong, Big Lucky Carter, Joe Hughes             $4.95

170 (2003) Bobby Rush, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Otis Taylor, Delmark Records, Howard Armstrong part 2        $4.95

171 (2004) Sam Carr, Jelly Roll Kings, John Brim, EC Scott, Corey Harris, Shirli Dixon, Armstrong, Holmes    $4.95

172 (2004) Mississippi Blues Travel Guide 176 pages (Delta, Hills, Jackson, Gulf Coast) maps, sites                 $5.95

173 (2004) Michael Hill, Howlin' Wolf, Mighty Mo Rodgers, Lou Pride, Bo Carter, Rodney Jones, JJ Malone       $3.95 

174 (2004) Howlin’ Wolf Legacy (H. Sumlin, Ike Turner, Jody Williams), Ray Charles, Gatemouth Moore              $5.95

175 (2004) Mavis Staples, Theodis Ealey, Big Jay McNeely, Big Joe Williams pt 1 (Musselwhite, Koester)         $4.95

176 (2005) Sacred Steel, Campbell Bros, Aubrey Ghent, Wiley & Checkmates, Nathaniel Mayer                          $4.95

177 (2005) Blues Women, Lady Bianca, Precious Bryant, Deitra Farr, Nora Jean, Big Joe Williams pt 2             $4.95

178 (2005) Cincinnati, Joe Duskin, George Brock, Boxing Bluesmen (Raymond Hill, Robert Curtis Smith)         $4.95

179 (2005) Phil Guy, Travis Haddix, Wild Child Butler                                                                                                           $5.95

180 (2005) Little Milton Tribute, Texas Blues, Tutu Jones                                                                                                    $7.95

181 (2005) Floyd Dixon, R.L. Burnside, Gatemouth Brown, Robert Belfour, Don & Bob                                              $7.95

182 (2006) Katrina New Orleans issue, Frogman Henry, Irma Thomas, Sam Charters on Parchman blues         NA

183 (2006) Buddy Guy, Michael Powers, Eddie Kirkland's Deal with the Devil                                                              $5.95                                                     

184 (2006) Eddie C. Campbell, Des Moines Black Music Scene, Sacred Steel                                                              $4.95

185 (2006) Zydeco Issue: Buckwheat, Rosie Ledet, Lil' Buck Sinegal                                                                              $5.95

186 (2006): Women Of Soul: Bettye Lavette Sugar Pie Desanto                                                                                        $5.95

187 (2006): T-Model Ford, Eddie Cusic, Dorothy Moore                                                                                                        $6.95

188 (2007): Mel Waiters, Snooky Pryor, Ertegun, Jay McShann                                                                                         $4.95

189 (2007) Mississippi Hill Country Blues issue: Burnsides, Kimbroughs                                                                       $5.95

190 (2007) Ann Arbor Blues Festival 1969-70 Photos, Big Maybelle, Lee Boys                                                             $5.95

191 (2007) Nappy Brown, Memphis Minnie. Ann Arbor photos pt 2, Gorgeous George, Michael Baytop                 NA

192 (2007) James Blood Ulmer, Vernon Reid, Blind Lemon Jefferson                                                                              $5.95                                                                     

193 (2007): Lurrie Bell, Musselwhite Remembers Big Walter                                                                                              $5.95

194 (2008): Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, Ike Zimmerman, Francis Clay                                                                                   $7.95

195 (2008) Mannish Boys, Elmore James Jr, Ike Turner                                                                                                       $9.95

196 (2008) Chicago Blues Today, Buddy Guy, Billy Boy Arnold                                                                                          $4.95

197 (2008) Carolina Chocolate Drops, Presidential Q&A                                                                                                      $4.95

198 (2008) Little Sammy Davis, Andre Williams, Utah Smith                                                                                                $5.95

199 (2009) Memphis Gold Sam Chatmon, Roy C. Ernie Johnson                                                                                        $4.95

200 (2009) BB King Band (profiles of members), Robert Ward, Snooks Eaglin, Michael Roach, Pete Mayes        $9.95

201 (2009) Magic Slim, Joey Gilmore, Eddie Bo, Mel Brown, Bobby Jones, Cyril Neville, Southern Soul                $5.95

202 (2009) Lil’ Ed Williams, Ruthie Foster, Koko Taylor                                                                                                         $4.95

203 (2009) Birmingham, Alabama Blues (Poonanny, Adolphus Bell), Robert Johnson Census                                 $4.95

204 (2009) Chick Willis, Johnny Mars, Chicago 1970s Photos                                                                                             $3.95

205 (2010) John Primer, Marquise Knox, Billy Branch, MCM Records                                                                               $3.95

206 (2010) Corey Harris, Lightnin' Hopkins, Bo Carter                                                                                                           $4.95

207 (2010) Little Sonny, vintage Detroit Blues photos, Harrison Kennedy                                                                        $3.95

208 (2010) 40th Anniversary issue, Etta James , James Cotton, Irma Thomas                                                              $4.95

209 (2010) Robert Cray, Rev K.M. Williams, Charley Patton                                                                                                  $3.95

210 (2010) Natchez issue: Jimmy Anderson, Hezekiah Early, YZ Ealey, Solomon Burke                                             $4.95

211 (2011) Arthur Williams, Bobby Bland, Ironing Board Sam                                                                                               $3.95

212 (2011) Sugar Blue, Big Bill Broonzy, L.C. Ulmer, Marvin Sease                                                                                     $3.95

213 (2011) Drummer Issue: James Gadson, Casey Jones, Jimmy Mayes                                                                        $4.95

214 (2011) Maxwell Street photos, Bo-Keys, Homemade Jamz, Pinetop Perkins                                                            $3.95

215 (2011) Southwest Louisiana Blues & Zydeco issue, Lil' Buck Sinegal                                                                         $4.95

216 (2011) Keb Mo, Honeyboy Edwards, Willie Big Eyes Smith                                                                                             $3.95

217 (2012) Blues Piano, Kenny Wayne, Nat Dove, Hubert Sumlin, Mojo Buford, Lee Shot Williams                            $4.95

218 (2012) Joe Louis Walker, Etta James, Johnny Otis, Howard Tate                                                                                 $3.95

LB #219 (June 2012) Cover: Mud Morganfield. Articles: Mud Morganfield: Son of a Mannish Boy, Marion James: Nashville's Queen of the Blues, Sugaray Rayford, James Kinds, Demetria Taylor, Rory Block, Hacksaw Harney headstone, Tracing the Crossroads Legend (BluEsoterica column by Jim O'Neal). Obituaries: Jerry McCain, Louisiana Red, Andrew Love, Big Walter Price, Eddie King, Red Holloway et al. Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 80 pages. $6.95 cover price. discount price $3.95.

LB #220 (2012) Cover: Grady Gaines. Articles: Grady Gaines, Ernest Lane, Jesse James, Terry "Harmonica" Bean, Ernie Oertle: San Antonio Bound with Robert Johnson (ARC/Vocalion Records), Earl Thomas, Charmaine Neville Benefit. Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $4.95.

LB #221 October 2012. Cover: Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton. Articles: The Next Generation of Acoustic Blues: Introduction by Brett Bonner, Blind Boy Paxton, Little Joe Ayers, Valerie June, Jeff Scott, Ben Payton, Shelton Powe, Heritage Blues Orchestra. Also: The Fight Over Copyright Transfers, Larry McCray, John Lee Hooker Jr., short obituaries of Johnnie Bassett, Monroe Jones, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Will "Frenchie" Campbell, Pete Cosey, Lou Pride, Robert Cage, Nat Reese, and Kay Kay Greenwade. Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 80 pages. Cover price $ discount price $4.95.

LB #222, December 2012. Cover: Barbara Carr. Articles: Barbara Carr, Willie Buck, Dr. Feelgood discount price $4.95.otts, Shirley Lewis, Bob Koester 80th Birthday, Trudy Lynn, Lost Blues Files: Leroy Washington, Louisiana’s Guitar Wizard. Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.                                                                                   

LB #223, February 2013. Cover photo: Gary Clark Jr. Articles Gary Clark Jr: A New Voice for the Blues, Cadillac John Nolden & Bill Abel, Sunny Ridell, Kipori Woods, Omar Coleman, Maxwell Street Market 100th Anniversary, Floyd Soileau, Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite. Obituaries: Jimmy McCracklin, Mickey Baker, Eddie Burns, Fontella Bass. Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 80 pages.  Cover price $6.95. discount price $4.95.

LB #224, April 2013. Cover: James Cotton. Articles: James Cotton interview, John D Holeman, Big Daddy Stallings, BluEsoterica (Jim O’Neal’s column, “Revising the Blues Biographies” of Blind Blake, Big Bill Broonzy, Memphis Minnie, Big Walter Horton, Albert King, Hound Dog Taylor, Tommy McClennan, et al), Jimmy D. Lane, Como Mamas, Kansas City news. Obituaries: Magic Slim, Precious Bryant, Chicago Bob Nelson, Leroy ‘Sugarfoot’ Bonner, George Higgs, Ann Rabson, Roscoe Chenier, Cleotha Staples. Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 96 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #225, June 2013. Articles: Kenny Neal: Change My Way of Living (by Jim O'Neal), Selwyn Birchwood, Nick Nixon: Nashville's King James, Melvin Taylor, Mississippi Hill Country Blues 1967 (photo essay by George Mitchell: R.L. Burnside, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Othar Turner, Joe Callicott, Fred McDowell, fife & drum band, et al), Tinsley Ellis, Lea Gilmore; obits: Jimmy Dawkins, Artie "Blues Boy" White. Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #226, August 2013 (Volume 44, #4).  Downhome New Orleans Blues issue: Little Freddie King, Guitar Lightnin' Lee, Brother Tyrone, Benny Turner, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, Guitar Slim Jr., Washboard Chaz, Ernie Vincent, Grandpa Elliott and Big Al Carson. Also: The Death of Virginia Travis -- Robert Johnson's Wife; Jimmy Dawkins Tribute Show; Mem Shannon; Bobby Bland obituary & tribute; 20th Annual Living Blues Critics' and Readers' Polls; plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $4.95

LB #227, October 2013. Cover photo: Roy Gaines. Articles: Roy Gaines, Chicago drummer Willie "The Touch" Hayes, Birdlegg, Lucious Spiller, bassist Nick Charles, and an article on recently discovered King Biscuit Time photos of Sonny Boy Williamson and band on tour at various grocery stores in Arkansas, accompanied by 11 photos. Obituaries: T-Model Ford, George Jackson, Chicago Piano C. Red, Johnnie Billington, Arthneice "Gas Man" Jones, Di Anne Price, Ray Johnson, Sid Selvidge, Emmett "Maestro" Sanders, Bob Brozman and Shirley Lewis. Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #228, December 2013. Cover photo: Robert "Bilbo" Walker. Articles on Walker, Bill "Howl-N-Madd" Perry, Hook Herrera (Native American blues), Boogie Jake, Johnny Rawls, Miz Dee, and Casey Bill Weldon ("The Hawaiian Guitar Wizard," who, as revealed in this article, had multiple identities and a baffling biography which is much different than any you may have read before).  Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $4.95.

LB #229, February 2014. Cover photo: Billy Branch. Articles on Branch, Rip Pryor, Leo "Bud" Welch, Frank Bey, Zydeco Ray, Matthew Skoller, and prewar Delta legend Willie Brown (by Gayle Dean Wardlow with Randy Meadows, proposing a different identity and death date and place for Brown than in Wardlow's original research). Obits: Chick Willis, Bobby Parker, Boogie Jake, Aaron Moore.  Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #230, April 2014. Cover photo: Swamp Dogg. Articles on Swamp Dogg, Lonnie Johnson in the 1920s by Jas Obrecht, Gregg A. Smith, Pee Wee Hayes, Jarekus Singleton, Luther "Guitar Jr.: Johnson. Obits: Tabby Thomas, Mighty Hannibal, Joe Bihari, Willie "Rip" Butler, Floyd Taylor, Elijah "Carolina Slim" Staley.  Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 96 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #231, June 2014. Cover photo & feature article: Roy Lee Johnson. Other articles: Vernon Garrett, Johnny Drummer, Tommie “T-Bone” Pruitt, John Mayal, Henry “Son” Simms (Sims), DieDra the Blues Diva, Mother-in-Law Lounge Reopens (photo), Casselha Knox, Son House & Willie Brown (reminiscences of Knox, who knew Brown and House both in Mississippi and in Rochester, N.Y.). Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #232, August 2014. Special issue on the recent generations of African American blues harmonica players, with Grady Champion pictured on the cover. Harp players profiled in the issue are Champion, Russ Green, Omar Coleman, Bud Carson, Orange Jefferson, Professor Harp, Greg Izor, Brandon O. Bailey, J.D. Hill, Aki Kumar, Charlie Love, Dr. Dixon, Patrick Williams, Dempsey Crenshaw and George Bisharat. Deitra Farr's Artist to Artist column features an interview with Jordan Patterson. Also in this issue: CD and book reviews, news, ads, Radio Charts, and winners of the LB Critics' and Readers' Polls. 72 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95

LB #233, October 2014: MISSISSIPPI BLUES TRAIL travel guide. This double issue features the most extensive guide ever published on the blues sites of Mississippi, including the historic birthplaces, gravesites, Mississippi Blues Trail markers, plantations, juke joints, radio stations, DJs, record labels, record stores, festivals, highways, and railroads, along with profiles of musicians, historical articles, and recommendations for restaurants along the blues routes, complete with driving directions. This covers not just the Delta towns of Clarksdale, Greenwood, Indianola, Tunica, Dockery, Cleveland, Greenville, Leland, Vicksburg, Yazoo City, et al., but sites all over the state -- Jackson, Meridian, Tupelo, Biloxi, Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, Laurel, Natchez, McComb, Woodville, Bolton, Winona, Kosciusko, Grenada, Forest, Oxford, Starkville, Canton, New Albany, Macon, Columbus, Hernando, Aberdeen, West Point, Pontotoc, Crystal Springs, Hattiesburg, Holly Springs, and many more, along with the out-of-state and overseas Mississippi Blues Trail marker sites, with photos by Bill Steber and others. Mr. Sipp is pictured on the cover. Also in this issue: CD and book reviews, news, ads, Radio Charts, and a Johnny Winter obituary. $5.95

LB #234, December 2014. Cover feature on D.C. harmonica player Phil Wiggins. Other articles: Bobby Patterson, James Johnson (former Slim Harpo sideman), Eddie Cotton, Slam Allen, Jamiah Rogers, and LB Talks to Marcia Ball. Obituaries: Bobby Womack, Poonanny, Janice Scroggins, Johnny Dyer, Sista Monica Parker, Tim Kaihatsu, Art Browning, Steve Gannon. On the back cover is a full-page ad for Swamp Dogg's "The White Man Made Me Do It." Also in this issue: CD and book reviews, news, ads, Radio Charts, and letters. 76 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #235, February 2015. Cover feature on Mississippi bluesman Vasti Jackson. Other articles: W.C. Clark (known as "Godfather of Austin Blues"), Delta guitarist Mickey Rogers, Joseph "Smokey" Holman, and Lady A. Obituaries: Little Joe Washington, Mickey Champion, Curley Bridges, Rudy Richard, Jolly "Little Whitt" Wells, Bill Hickey, Melvin Underwood, Don "Cadillac" Henry. Also in this issue: CD and book reviews, news, ads, Radio Charts, and letters. News includes photos of the Gulfport Mississippi Blues Trail marker dedication with Jaimoe and Roosevelt Sykes' daughter in attendance. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #236, April 2015. Special "Women of the Blues" issue with cover story on Houston diva Jewel Brown and other articles on Diunna Greenleaf, Ardella Williams (daughter of bluesman Jazz Gillum), Jesi (Miss Jessie) Terrell, Terrie Odabi, Veronika Jackson and Rhiannon Giddens. Obituaries: Finis Tasby, Tutty Gadson, James Kinds, Rufus McKay (of the Red Tops), Bo Dollis (of the Wild Magnolias), Mel Solomon, Floyd Murphy, Lynwood Slim, Odell Harris, Calvin Jackson, Funky Larry Jones, Max Cooperstein, Lee McBee, Charles Goodman, Gene Morris, Eugene Alfred. Also in this issue: the Skip James Project, Legend of Lead Belly documentary, 2015 Blues Festival Guide (listing about 500 festivals), reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 96 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #237, June 2015. Cover feature: the Holmes Brothers.  Other articles on Classie Ballou, Kansas City blues guitarist Millage Gilbert, Oscar Wilson, Jimi "Prime Time" Smith, Henry Gray, Jackie Brenston headstone, Popsy Dixon obituary, reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 88 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #​238, August 2015. Cover feature: Eddy Clearwater. Much of this issue is dedicated to B.B. King, including essays, reminiscences, photos, tributes and excerpts from interviews with B.B. and others. Other articles: Jerry Lawson, Tony Coleman, Dave & Phil Alvin, Red Holloway (from Blues Unlimited interview book), LB Critics' and Readers' Poll winners. Obituaries: Mighty Sam McClain, Samuel Charters, Camille "Little" (or "Lil") Bob, I.J. Gosey, Joe Campbell, Garfield Angove, Eddie Culpepper, Billy Anderson, Jamie "Bluesboy" Powell, DJ Big Jock Williams. Plus reviews, news, ads, and Radio Charts. 96 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #239, October 2015. Cover: Guy Davis. Articles: Guy Davis, Henry Clement, Tampa Red, Quinton Claunch, Piedmont Bluz (Valerie & Benedict Turner), Jimmy Johnson, Zac Harmon. Obituaries: Jesse Anderson, Clarence "Jockey" Etienne, Bud Spires, Frankie Lee, Patrice Moncell, Randy Chortkoff, David Horwitz, Scott Cameron, David Maxwell. Also in this issue: Jus' Blues Awards, B.B. King Day at Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena, Mississippi, reviews, ads and radio charts. 76 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #240, December 2015. Cover: Sonny Green, one of the artists profiled in "The Underground Blues Scene of South Los Angeles." (Other artists in this feature include Ray Bailey, South Side Slim, Sir Stan, Jackie Jackson, Barbara Morrison, Joe Kincaid, Lester Lands, Bobby Warren, Terry "Big T" DeRouen, Eddie Daniels, Kee Eso Pitchford and Hank Carbo, plus a guide to South L.A. blues clubs.) Also in this issue: Lost Blues Files--Bobby "Guitar" Bennett, Quinton Claunch (Part 2), Bernard Reed, Eastside Kings Festival in Austin, Crescent City Blues Festival. Obituaries: Mel Waiters, Eddie Cusic, Smokey Wilson, Henry Stone, Lady Bo (Peggy Jones), Charles "Bugsy" Maugh, Johnny "Guitar" Brown, George Paulus, Augusta Lee Collins, Ben Cauley Jr. Plus reviews, ads and radio charts. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #241, February 2016. Cover: Super Chikan. Articles: Super Chikan (James Johnson), Josh "Razorblade" Stewart, Charlie Sayles, Wee Willie Walker, Blues Boy Willie, Corey Harris, The Business of Robert Johnson Fakery (by Bruce Conforth, on the erroneous authentication of recent alleged photos of Robert Johnson). Obituaries: Allen Toussaint, Marion James. Plus news, ads, reviews and radio charts. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #242, April 2016. Cover: The King of Beale Street -- Preston Shannon. Articles: Preston Shannon, Harmonica Hinds, Clarence Turner, Sheba Potts-Wright, Jontavious Willis, and Thornetta Davis, plus a 17-page Blues Festival Guide and a photo essay by Cary Baker of early 1970s shots of Maxwell Street, Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Arvella Gray, Wild Child Butler, et al. Obituaries: Otis Clay, Smokin' Joe Kubek, Jerry Beach, Ray Dell Clay, Thomas "Catfish" Anderson. Plus news (including Lead Belly Fest at Carnegie Hall, Smoot's Grocery in Natchez, and the closing of Bob Koester's Jazz Record Mart in Chicago), ads, reviews and radio charts. 104 pages.  Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95. 

LB #243, June 2016. Cover: Barbara Lynn. Articles: Barbara Lynn, Toni Lynn Washington, Jamaican roots musician Brushy One String, Willie Dixon's Blues Heaven Foundation, Sugar Blue, B.B. King's Blues Band (featuring Jesse Robinson), Blues Business Cards (images of the business cards of 41 blues artists, including Tampa Red, Victoria Spivey, B.B. King, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Wild Jimmy Spruill, K.C. Douglas, Baby Boy Warren, et al.). Plus news (Sister Rosetta Tharpe tribute, Moonshine & Mojo Hands blues reality show, Skippy White in Boston, I Am The Blues film), ads, reviews and radio charts. 80 pages.  Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #244, August 2016. Cover: King Edward and Dorothy Moore, two of the artists featured in this special issue on the Jackson, Mississippi, blues scene. Other articles in the "City With Soul" issue: The Jackson Blues Scene, Jarekus Singleton, Jesse Robinson, Louis "Gearshifter" Youngblood, Grady Champion, Eddie Cotton, J.J. Thames, the Central Mississippi Blues Society's Blue Monday jams, The Jackson Blues (history), and guides to attractions and dining in the city. Obituaries: Long John Hunter, L.C. Ulmer, Aron Burton, Charlie Fite, and Clarence Lewis Jr. (aka Little Junior Lewis and C.L. Blast). Plus Artist to Artist: Sugaray Rayford, news (Willie Dixon's 101st Birthday Celebration, Otis Rush Tribute, Women of the Blues Exhibition), ads, reviews and radio charts. 112 pages.  Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #245, October 2016. Cover: Taj Mahal. Articles: Taj Mahal interview by Wayne Goins, Willie Green (Florida blues guitarist), Slim Harpo (excerpt from Martin Hawkins book), "The Brakeman and The Wolf" (Jimmie Rodgers' influence on and relationship with Howlin' Wolf), Shelton Dunaway (of Cookie & the Cupcakes), Breaking Out--Marcus Cartwright, Barrelhouse Chuck, Artist to Artist: Nellie Tiger Travis. Obituaries: Elmo Williams, Harrison Calloway, Boo Hanks, Chips Moman, Eddie Rasberry, Vernon Harrington, James "Hot Dog" Lewis, Leo Graham, L.T. McGee. Plus news (Club Paradise in Memphis reopens as Paradise Center, Gip's Juke Joint Festival in Bessemer, Alabama, Kansas City Kansas Street Blues Festival, Augusta Blues Week) ads, reviews, radio charts, and an editorial by editor Brett Bonner in remembrance of Living Blues co-founder Amy van Singel, who died Sept. 19, 2016.  80 pages.  Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95. 

LB #246, December 2016. Cover: Big Bill Morganfield. "Kinship of the Blues" issue with articles on the sons and a daughter of blues artists who are carrying the tradition on: Big Bill Morganfield, Vaneese Thomas, Eddie Taylor Jr., and an Artist To Artist page on Freddie Dixon. Plus Amy van Singel: A Tribute (reminiscences about LB's co-founder by Mary Katherine Aldin, Cilla Huggins, Eddy Clearwater, Jim O'Neal and others); Breaking Out: Andrew Alli; Living Blues Talks to Thornetta Davis; Obituaries: Buckwheat Zydeco, Clifford Curry, Sir Mack Rice, Jesse Yawn. Plus news (Eastside Kings Festival in Austin, Dorothy Moore Turns 70, Freedom Sounds: A Community Celebration on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.),  ads, reviews, radio charts, and an editorial. 76 pages.  Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95. 


LB# 247, February 2017. Cover: Cedric Burnside. Articles: Cedric Burnside, Kenny Brown, Sharon Lewis, Keith Dunn, Breaking Out: E.J. Mathews, Living Blues Talks to Mississippi Heat, Paramount Records: A Centennial Celebration (history of the legendary prewar blues label with new discographical info). Obituaries: Birmingham George Conner, Ruby Wilson, Barrelhouse Chuck. Plus news (Blues in South America, Rhiannon Giddens), ads, reviews (vinyl, CDs, DVDs, books), radio charts, and an editorial on Mississippi Hill Country blues. 80 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.

LB #248, April 2017. Cover: Beverly “Guitar” Watkins. Articles: Beverly Watkins, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Annie Mack, the Magnanimous Violin of Ben Hunter, Live in ’75: The Early Antone’s (recollections of Clifford Antone’s club in Austin, with photos), Living Blues Talks to Mister Sipp, On the Paramount Paper Trail (the discovery and discussion of Paramount Records’ advertising artwork from the 1920s and ‘30s), and a 17-page Blues Festival Guide.  Obituaries: Larry Johnson, Robert (Bob) Murphy, Freeman Brown, Guitar Gable (Gabriel Perrodin), Ardella Williams (Jazz Gillum’s daughter), John Potier, Eric LeBlanc, photographer John DeLeon. Plus news (Delta State University’s International Blues Project, Chicago Blues Camp, International Blues Challenge Winners), ads, book and CD reviews, radio charts. 96 pages. Cover price $6.95. discount price $3.95.